Mama's Logo famous homemade cheesecake
      slice $4.95
   * whole cheesecake  (12-16)   $36.95
*24 hour notice for whole cheesecake orders!
personalize your cheesecake by adding fruit toppings, chocolate chips, or fresh whipped cream
        on a slice add $1
        on a whole cheesecake add $5
 cannoli $3.45
 chocolate dipped cannoli $3.95
 chocolate chip cookies $5/dozen
* Italian pastry tray  $6/person
* assorted Italian cookie tray  $3/person


  Bottled Soda
     20 oz. bottle $1.75
     2 liter bottle $3.25
     bottled water $1.75
     5 lb. bag of ice $1.95
Mama's Famous Cheescake

*Minimum 48 hour notice!

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